Thoughts and observations from the journey

Health is the Key to Everything

Without your health, what do you have? It’s not easy to do all you want to do if under par. I would argue that without your health you have nothing. So this year, Take a different approach and make investing in your health a priority……. and watch everything else flow as a result.

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What is your Warning Sign?

A warning sign? What do you mean? Warning if something is going to happen? Yes, that’s right and you may be totally thrown by this….I have a warning sign that alerts me to when I am overdoing it, when I’m not looking after me. You probably have one too.

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Retain that Summer Feeling

As Summer starts to give way to Autumn, are you ready to embrace it all or are you holding on to the hope of an Indian Summer. Explore with me, how you can hold onto those wonderful memories and experiences and still have them as we move forward. They can still have that inspiring relaxing and destressing effect relived.

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What Are You Putting up With?

So many things in life to do. So why are so many of us doing things that we don’t want to do? Things that don’t make our souls sing, things that drain our energy, things that don’t fulfil. Let’s explore what we are putting up with and have a look at what we can change.

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