Walk it Through

Clarity Day

When walking, your creativity expands, your decision making is easier and your energy rises.

Among many other things

This is the reason that I use walking as the vehicle for delivering great results to my clients. It’s also because I know how powerful it is to have time in the open air away from distractions and the people and circumstances that often cause angst and stress.

This is a very efficient, inspiring and productive way to work.

On a Clarity Day we walk and talk maximising the advantages of being in nature and the fresh air. We take breaks for coffee and lunch when we can pull together and summerise all that has been discussed and again at the end of our day together. It’s a walking adventure.

These days provide you with both time and space to explore, take stock and make sense of what is in your head.  We’ll talk about what resources you need and how to make things happen and then together we will develop the way forward with a new clarity of direction.

I’m Heather Waring and I’m a coach and walking expert.

In my experience, meetings, developing plans and brainstorming all work so much better on foot.

When I walk, I use the recorder on my phone as the ideas flow and I don’t want to lose them. I take problems out on a walk and invariabley come back with a solution.

Having a Clarity Day will give you a whole new perspective on life moving forward.

How it works

Your Clarity Day can be a one to one experience, or as one of a group of four. Bring your own group or join three other individuals and benefit from their insights too.

With a group I will have some one to one time with each individual as we walk and then we’ll come together and discuss ideas etc when we stop for breaks.

If you are working on a joint vision with your team, this is a great way to do it. In this case, the maximum size for a group is 6 people.


Our clarity days are run in Epping Forest which is easily accessible by public transport or car.

Guidance regarding travel and overnight stays if necessary can be given when booking.

 Full day individual £977 + vat

 Individual as part of a group of four £250 + vat

If you’re interested in the team option, please get in touch


Interested in joining a Clarity Day

The first step in your journey is to arrange a committment free call.

What other women are saying

I feel very calm and grounded just after a couple of hours walking, with the luxury of time and space to think.


I totally loved our day yesterday, you, the venue, the work, I really felt cared for. I’m very excited about next year and thanks to all your wonderful work I feel like to can tackle it with confidence to get this amazing work out there.

“Thanks ever SO much for your time and input today.  It was really useful, stimulating, encouraging, and it provides me with a plan of action and timetable which is excellent!  I very much appreciate it.” – Corinne Gotch

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