Netwalking Women



Walking is a wonderful way to get some exercise, to see a new part of a city or a corner of the countryside.

It’s a wonderful way to socialise and network too.

When you’re walking you don’t need to keep eye contact and this can be very useful when challenging and difficult conversations are taking place. In all my years of walking with women I have observed the most frivilous and lighthearted conversations one moment and the next a very deep and serious discussion the next.

Walking allows all of that.

I’m Heather Waring and I’m a coach and walking expert.

Women excel at building relationships, at looking after others and in doing so, they are great at talking.

Netwalking Women is a great opportunity to take some time to invest in you, your health and wellbeing; of putting yourself first and if the opportunity arises, doing business in a different way!

But you don’t have to be a business woman – you can be a woman who enjoys the company of other women, a woman who has chosen to take a day out from her job or her life to look after herself, a mum who is child free for a time and choosing to spend her day in this way.

Upcoming dates


Here are the list of dates for our 2019 walks. Please put these in your diary and then you can plan around them so you can come join us walking and talking and exploring.

Sun Feb 3rd

Sat March 2nd

Sat April 6th

Sun May 12th

Sat June 1st

Sun July 14th

Sat Aug 3rd

Sat 7th Sept

Sat Oct 12th

Sat Nov 2nd

Sat Dec 7th

There wil also be 3 Friday Netwalking Women walks in 2019, dates will be posted in the new year.

Friday April 26th – Chinwags and Chocolate
Friday June 28th  – Picnics and Prosecco
Friday December 6th Christmas and Cocktails

To book, just click on the walk that you are interested in below, once they are open for booking and I’ll look forward to seeing you.

There are only 10 places on each walk so book early and you won’t be disappointed.
Booking closes at 4.00 on the Thursday before the walk or earlier if fully booked.

Sunday 3rd February 2019
Hammersmith to Westminster

Saturday 2nd March 2019 
Stratford to Woolwich

All netwalking experiences cost £20 + vat.

Can't make it to a London event?

At present Netwalking Women only happens in London, but I’d love to invite any of you who would like to set up a netwalking women group in their area to get in touch and we’ll help you do that.

What other women are saying

Netwalking Women for me is all about enjoying time out in the company of others, walking and talking in the fresh air and discovering new and intriguing places. I like the opt out points which give flexibility to the walk and reassure those coming along that they can break off for a range of reasons without feeling guilty or stranded.

Olivia Lowe, Buckhurst Hill, Essex

Fabulous day yesterday, Heather – brilliant walk, thanks so much for organising it.


Here’s what I was up to today, walking in North London through parks and along a disused railway track and it was lovely, even in the rain. So many parts of London I have driven past, and never knew what was only a few metres away. Thank you, Heather Waring for a lovely day. So glad I came.

Susannah Alexander, North London

I have no stiff muscles today after doing what you said about raising my legs. I really enjoyed the walk yesterday.

Teresa SHEA, Rochester, KENT

Another wonderful walk, always a great day, with a chance to interact with new people, to get some fresh air, do something different and be healthy! And usually a good variety of inclines/small hills/flat, enough to get you out of breath, but not kill you!

Nicola Slade, South East London

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