The Walk Challenge


Walking is for everyone.

Walking has often been described as the ‘perfect exercise’ because of the mental health and physical benefits it brings.

Most people can do it; they can do it from the front door; it can be easily integrated into everyday life; it doesn’t cost much and you don’t need a lot of gear, just a comfortable pair of flat shoes.

Walking can connect us.

For me, it’s the best way I know to connect with nature which in itself brings so many added benefits and you are playing your part in helping the planet. And it’s also a great social pastime if you choose to walk with a group or a couple of friends. In fact, walking allows me to indulge so many of my other passions such as photography, food and wine or beer and travel while keeping me fit and keeping stress at a low or nil level.

What could it do for you?

Through regular activity like walking you are investing in you and in your health, your wellbeing and your longevity? The more you walk you are likely to become:




More mobile


In flow


Rested through sleeping better


More connected




A few pounds lighter


More toned


Ready to take on the world


Less stressed


Happier and healthier


Able to spend more time in the moment

If this excites you then I’d like to invite you to join me and lots of other wonderful women on this Walk Challenge.

This is a rolling programme that you can join at any time. However,  we always have a big push to start on Feb 1st every year honouring our very first Walk Challenge in 2015. 

The Challenge is a way for you to get support, to be accountable and to be inspired to integrate walking into you life. 

You pledge to walk either 500; 1000; 1500 or 2000 miles over 12 months and on the One Million Women Walking facebook group using the hashtags #mondaycheckin and #walkchallenge. You post your steps and also your miles or kilometers. In the UK we are on miles. Then we also do a #monthlycheckin at the beginning of each month and some will post quarterly and annual checkins so it’s important that you remember when you started.

This is not a competition as the only person you really need to compare yourself with or try to improve on, is yourself. It’s aimed to help motivate and inspire and all the women involved do just that and champion each other. We all have weeks when we walk loads and others when life gets in the way and we do less than we would choose and that’s fine. I find it really useful when training for a walking event or starting to build fitness or indeed recovering from an injury and returning to flow. You use it for whatever works for you.

I know that if you are only getting started, 500 or 1000 miles may seem a huge number but I Know it won’t take long for you to see how quickly the steps and miles mount up. You can change pledge through the year so you can start at 500 miles and then, when you see how you are progressing, can choose to go for 1000 miles or more.

I know how great this challenge has been for so many women all at different stages of walking. For some it has been a progression of walking longer distances and getting fitter while for others it has been something that helped them get back into their walking after injury. We have some case histories coming up in the next week that will illustrate this. 

All you need is some method of recording your steps and miles. There are a number of trackers out there, the most popular being Fitbit trackers and you can also use apps on your phone or a pedometer. When we are talking steps and miles here, we are talking all steps so what you will cover in a day for instance. So having your fitbit on all day captures it all. This is not only, but of course includes, specifically going for a walk.

I would love to have you come join us, to get started now and to be able to benefit both physically and mentally and see what a difference that this makes to you and to your life in general.

This is a free event which you can do from anywhere in the world, it’s you only in competition with you, not with others…….. and be warned, it’s likely to change your world for the better.

What other women are saying

Since taking up the Walk Challenge in February 2016, I have had a complete mindset change about walking and journeying from A to B. Whereas before, I would have either taken the car or public transport, wanting to get to my destination as quickly as possible, I now walk and find myself turning down a street, just to see where it goes and adding extra steps to my day.

 There is added value in being part of the supportive Facebook group and meeting other participants in person at our monthly walks, brings it all together.

Nicola Slade, London

Overall March was a good month – some weeks better than others but I find myself looking for ways to get out and about more than I did before so that’s positive! I can fasten the belt on my jeans one notch tighter so it’s having an effect on my body shape too!

Linda Everett, Edinburgh

Just totalled up my steps for last week and made it to 70,408. This has been a gradual 3 week journey from 54,000 to 70,000. The shift has come around from getting rid of the second car which means doing the school run ‘walk’, walking down to the local high street or corner shop.

Frea O’Brien, London

The last 3 Monday checkins have all been similar – 51,294 / 52,484 & 54,410. So all on track for my average of 7,500 steps per day and a slight increase each week!

Gail Morgan, St Alban’s

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Your journey starts now.

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