Health is the Key to Everything



As you stand at the beginning of this new year contemplating your year ahead, how are you feeling? How clear are you about the path ahead of you? Are you excited about the possibilities?

Have you already started, putting a strong foot forward feeling confident and ready? Or are you balancing on the edge, knowing it’s time but not sure which direction is calling you?

One thing is clear and that’s no matter where you head for and no matter how much planning you do, there will be dragons!! Dragons in the shape of detours due to landslides, flooding, holes in the road and sheep on the path; possible collaborations or partnerships and opportunities that you may not have even considered. The clearer you are about you, the stronger you are in your vision for your year ahead, the easier it will be to weigh up what your responses to these are and to pick the one that keeps you on track but enhances the journey and final outcome. But are you ready to handle all of this?



In your planning and approach to this new year, how much of YOU has featured? Whether you are employed; run your own business; work in the home looking after children or are studying, have your plans made sure that you are investing in YOU?

How are you ensuring, that during the year ahead, you will be in tip top form? Depending on what we do, we make sure the tools and equipment we use are regularly serviced and replaced as we know that if they breakdown we cannot do our jobs and fulfil our promises but what about YOU? What if YOU break down?

Investment in you, in your health and wellbeing is the top priority for you, yet I see it over and over again, people, especially women, putting looking after themselves on the back burner until they do everything thing else. Then, they say, they will get to it but there is always something else to deal with, some other crisis to handle. Resonating with you? I can imagine that there is some head nodding going on here.

In reality the time never comes or comes too late ……and I speak from experience here.

It’s always so much easier to see what was going on when you have hindsight. In my own personal experience I can map the path that led to my burnout and subsequent Adrenal Fatigue. I was forever putting off my needs and this went on over years. I was being ‘Superwoman’ even though in my head and heart I knew she didn’t exist or couldn’t exist for a long period. Of course in the early stage of not looking after me, I couldn’t see what was happening. Doesn’t everyone have stress, mega busyness and periods of overwhelm in their lives? Isn’t that normal?

What I have now is……that stress that appears as a result of some day to day happening, it’s handled and it passes. It’s no longer the insidious, deep, dark place that was so hard to escape from. I got a great gift, I want to gift you with looking after you with nipping this in the bud before things deteriorate further.

I had to take time out, things were that bad. I see women who should be taking time out and for whom things will never improve till they take radical action and I see others who are at all stages of compromised health and wellbeing.


Health is the key to everything and without it, what do you have?


When you are ill, you cannot show up 100% or even 80%. When you are ill you cannot do your job or fulfil your role as you would hope. Whether that role be as a parent, partner, son or daughter, colleague etc. When you are ill or not in the best health, you don’t make the most of and get the best out of your life.


NOW is the time to say ENOUGH!! You deserve to live that wonderful life, not when you have done everything else but NOW.


 OK, no-one can guarantee 100% health and wellbeing all the time, things happen but all of us can take action, all of us can be proactive and aim for flow in our bodies and minds.


When I take care of my body, my whole body, by listening to it, by feeding it what it really wants, by getting it moving every day, I am happier. I show up as a better person, a higher version of me. I am nicer to be around, I am more generous in all ways and ironically I am better placed to give to others. The very reason that people often cannot give to themselves, is, what about the others I need to be there for? I smile more. I can do more so I am more productive, more opportunities come my way, I serve my clients in a maximised way. I also easily, and without question, switch off at the end of the working day and make time for a good meal, I spend time with family, I go to yoga, I read, have a bath etc and of course I pepper my day with a walk whether that be part of my start the day or end it routine, part of my working day with a client/s or my mode of transport going about my day.


NOW is the time to say ENOUGH!! You deserve to live that wonderful life, not when you have done everything else but NOW. You deserve to be the very best you can be, to wake up every day excited for the day ahead and all that starts with YOU. YOU knowing who you truly are; YOU living your best life and making health a priority will get you there, one step at a time.

So are you ready?

I am off to the spa for 24 hours. It’s become the way to start my year with my husband. Twenty four hours of peace, chilling, relaxing and some gentle walking in lovely countryside not that far from home. This makes sure I am in the best place I can be for my year ahead. I highly recommitted it, or something similar.


 YOU know what you need to do so go do it.


However, having been there, knowing and doing are two different things. Would you like some support as you implement? It’s accountability and someone to answer my questions that I tend to need.

Is this resonating with you? I cannot offer you a ‘Walk it Through, Talk it Through’ Day with me at present but I can offer you a coaching/nurturing session over zoom. Why not take advantage by booking a 30 minute virtual coffee and we can look at how I can help and support you. 


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