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In the United Kingdom, we have a wealth of wonderful walking paths, in a wide range of locations and offering every kind of terrain you could imagine. We also have so much history which means many ancient paths to walk along, stories to discover and the wisdom of those who have walked before to tap into.

Not everyone wants to travel abroad to walk and explore so we now have a range of offers here in the UK for you to explore. Starting with the UK equivalent to the Camino, our own Pilgrim’s Way and also the St Cuthbert’s Way, we will over time expand on these to include other ancient paths such as Hadrian’s Wall.

Our Experiences are likely to be 5/6 days of walking, challenging days which give you a chance to feel that you have really undergone a walking transformation and achieved. Imagine being able to walk a section of an iconic path or complete a shorter one in that time. 

On our Retreats, the walking days will be shorter, more likely 3/4 days of on average 10 miles, allowing more time to reflect, to ‘be’, to journal, to connect with nature and to focus without interruption.

Can you imagine what time away like this can do for you? Time just for you. Can you imagine how relaxed you will be on your return? Can you imagine what you could bring to ‘be’ after this time out? Perhaps a new way forward, a new plan, a different way of doing things?

You will glow with the time spent in fresh air; your head will be clearer; you’ll have made some decisions; you’ll have made new connections. You will have considered your current path and come up with what you’d like to change so you can be on a new or rejeuvenated path, one that serves you and is aligned to who you want to be in the world.

I’m Heather Waring and I’m a coach and walking expert.

On our UK Walk Experiences and Retreats we have a mix of different offers for you from 3 day Experiences as well as week long walks, similar to the Camino Experiences and a few other possibilities as well. You’ll find out more by scrolling down and exploring. Then you can schedule in a commitment free chat with me to ask whatever you wish.

Whatever happens as we walk, wherever in the UK it may be, stays there. We create a safe place on all our Experiences for you to be heard, a place to ask for help and time to take on board the support, suggestions and love of a small group of caring women who are all there for each other and wishing the best for everyone involved.

There will be discussion, and laughter; mindfulness and quiet; Plant Ally and Tree Wisdom cards to work with and plenty of time to think. There will be opportunities to explore, to discover what is important to you and then help and support in putting together your routemap to take things forward.


What is generally included:


Walks every day, defined by whether you are on an Experience or Retreat.


Have plenty of thinking time.


Be part of discussions on all aspects of health and wellbeing; the life you want to lead and how to make that happen and many other topics besides.


Make new friends.


Experience some small group coaching.


Have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want.


Get guidance on travel.


Experience mindfulness walking.


On Retreats, have some group and 1-2-1 coaching time.


Learn and also hopefully share relaxation and de-stressing techniques.


Enjoy good food - yummy breakfasts to start the day off, picnics or pub lunches, tea or coffee and cake, post walk drinks.


Be invited to a pre-event group call so you get to meet the others before you get there.


Have a 1-2-1 followup call with Heather on your return.


Start to develop your plan for moving forward.


Which UK Offer Speaks to You?

The Pilgrim’s Way

You can start the Pilgrim’s Way in two different places – in Winchester or in London and both paths come together in Otford and from there go on to Canterbury.

If this is something you are interested in, which would appeal?

Highlight’s of the The Pilgrim’s Way:

On this Walk Experience, you will enjoy 5 days of walking along sections of this iconic path starting in Winchester and ending in Canterbury.

There will be time to explore both major cities and their stunning cathedrals as well as enjoying a mix of beautiful English countryside, sometimes walking through small towns and villages, part on the path on the North Downs Way and others along river valleys.

Following St Cuthbert to Lindisfarne

The St Cuthbert’s Way is a 62 mile route which begins in the pretty town of Melrose in the Scottish Borders where the monk Cuthbert began his religious life and ends on Holy Island of Lindisfarne off the coast of Northumberland where he died on 20 March 687. On Holy Island Cuthbert looked after the monastery, was a missionary, spiritual healing, hermit and leter in life a bishop. His remains are buried in Lindisfarne at the Abbey.

I fell in love with Lindisfarne when I first visited and every visit since has strengthened that special connection. For me it is a truly magical place. I especially love the time of day when the day trippers have gone home and the tide comes in and you are captive on this small piece of land.

On this Walk Retreat, we take three days to immerse ourselves in parts of this path and on the Island. We start our walk in the quaint market town of Wooler in the North East and on this, the longest day, we walk in beautiful rural scenery, past St Cuthbert’s Cave which is said to be the place where the monks of the island brought Cuthbert’s body to rest at a time when there were Viking raids on Holy Island and get our first sighting of the island itself.

On our second day, we have a short walk as this day is defined by tides. Once the tide is out, we take a rather unique path by walking  across the sands following the Pilgrim poles and arrive on Holy Island.

On day three we will take a short walk or two, take time for discussion and debate and perhaps some 1-2-1 coaching if you wish. Then there will be free time to use in whatever way suits you –  a trip to the castle or to the Abbey, some retail therapy; a walk or wander, time for journalling or sketching, meditation or even yoga.

Of course on all days, we will enjoy our coffee and cake, lunch and evening meals and the seafood on the island is fabulous.

The next morning we will head home, refreshed, revitablised and I hope, ready to embrace the next steps of life.

I am planning to run one or two of these in 2020 so if you are interested just let me know. 


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The first step on your journey is to arrange a committment free call.

What other women are saying

A wonderful planning experience with Heather. She broke down my work/life into sizable chunks and then we worked around where to slot everything in for maximum output. I found it extremely helpful and when you work for yourself and by yourself, sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. I would thoroughly recommend working with Heather in relaxed surroundings where the pressure is off and you can let your creativity expand. Heather instantly puts you at ease and you come out feeling you can just about do anything!
Jo Tocher, North London
Thanks for a great planning session. It was really easy for me to put what we discussed into a tangible plan for the future and back home I worked on it further and feel I can action it straight away. It’s really clear. In the past my planning felt like a right old hit and miss muddle but not anymore. I’m really looking forward to the structure and plan that I now have.
Ruth Keel, London

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