Walk Your Way

Do you crave ‘time out’ ? Time when you can stop, breathe and for a moment, let go.

How do you get that time? How do you make that space, even just a little space, for you in your every day?

Not easy is it? Demands and distractions compete until our heads feel they are about to explode.

How would it be, if in a simple way, I could help you carve out that little space and time?


Walk Your Way is a 30 day mini adventure and no matter where you are in the world you can join in.

Sometimes we just need a little space to take time out and clear our heads; to stop thinking and be so we can return recharged.

 During this 30 days, with my help and guidance, you’ll take a few short trips on foot from your home and/or workplace and discover 5 -10 places you can walk to, which give you joy, peace and inspiration. These places will be easily accessible so that you can use them regularly and they’ll become your ‘go to’ places where you can let go and clear your head.

I’m Heather Waring and I’m a coach and walking expert.

Believe me, I have been where you are.

In fact I created so little space and got sucked into demands and distractions so much as a mum, partner, employee and later business owner, daughter, friend and colleague that I crashed out with burnout and adrenal fatigue. That wonderful gift is the reason I do what I do because that’s the last thing I want for you and I know that there is another way and a better way.

Making the time for yourself is not always easy but doing it regularly impacts all aspects of our lives. 

Through this short online programme I’ll show you how to bring walking into your life daily in a simple and straightforward way. 

How it works

 The programme is delivered through email.  You’ll get a weekly video; midweek prompts and charts and checklists to record your routes and timings.

In addition I’ll set up a private facebook group so you can share with, and support each other.

Through using #walkyourwayadventure on instagram and facebook there’ll be some prizes for those regularly posting photos of your ‘go to’ places.

You’ll be guided every step of the way and you’ll start to experience the changes within the first week. 

At the end of your mini adventure you’ll be able to use walking and your routes on a daily basis without having to give much thought to it at all. They’ll be part of you. 



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What other women are saying

This adventure has changed something in me. I’m more determined to change my habits. I came across an app where you have a set target for steps and when you reach it another 300 steps is added the following day, increasing the total. It’s a gentle way to get more steps in. The app has to do with eating habit changes as well so it is a ‘package’ of changes, but done in a gentle and inspiring way. Having the app has helped me get out every day.


Today I had several meetings in the city. I discovered some new pathways around Moorgate and St. Paul’s. There are some lovely little green spots in and around that neck of the woods. What lightened my heart was the number of people soaking up the sun at lunchtime. Yesterday, when I needed to plough through some paperwork. I took the opportunity to have a short walk after lunch to stretch my legs and clear my mind.


Walking is a reset for me, whether I am working and stuck on an issue or flailing about as the tasks pile up. Even a short walk breaks the cycle and helps me think more clearly and refreshed.


I find walking a really useful tool to clear my head and  I feel calmer when I’ve been out in the fresh air.  Days when I can’t get out much leave me feeling foggy and a bit out of sorts


It’s great to be reminded that even when walking for only 10 minutes from the station on my way home, that I can feel the stresses of the day wash away. I just need to sprinkle more of these short walks throughout my working day.


Your journey starts now.

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